Thursday, August 30, 2007

Cobalt: The End of the Evening

The party ran until just past sunset, with people drifting off as the pups got tired and the sky got dark.

Aussies and Owners

A couple of dogs went back in for a quick dip before heading out.

Jazz didn't stay in the water very long, though.

Getting Ready To Go
People eventually moved up the beach.

Soggy Stick
Photon stayed longer in the water,
and Cobalt stayed the longest of all.

By now, Splash was almost entirely over her barking.

Right Paw
She showed off a few tricks, like her ability to distinguish left from right...

High Five
...and High Five.

Everyone hung around for treats before leaving.

Are You Sure That's A Dog?
Photon looks like a cartoon dog when she's wet.

Heading Home
Heading Home

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