Thursday, August 30, 2007

Cobalt: A Gaggle Of Aussies

This past Tuesday we had our first gathering of Stoverly Aussies from Toronto. We got people together at the Kew Gardens off-leash park, which is on the beach just south of Kew Gardens in The Beaches.

We had six Stoverly mini Aussies show, and one non-Stoverly non-mini Aussie. In order of appearance:

Get Away!
Splash was originally an HHC Aussie,
but had to be rescued from an abusive adopter,
and became a breeding female for Stoverly.
She distrusts all men because of the abuse,
but she mellowed a lot over the course of the evening.

Splash's daughter from her first litter

Cross Country

Back Lit
Cobalt's sister from the same litter
(Here's Photon's folks post on the party)

Jazz is Splash's daughter, from a different
litter than Bean. She's almost indistinguishable
from her sister. I tell them apart by the shape of
the blazes on their foreheads, and the big black spot
on Bean's right foreleg.

Cobalt & Photon's sister from a different litter

What's That? A Tail?
The non-Stoverly Aussie, who lives with Raven.
This is the first Aussie I've ever seen with a tail!

The pups had a great time in the park. Jazz's owner was disappointed that Jazz and Bean weren't particularly interested in Splash or each other. On the other hand, Cobalt, Photon, and Raven ended up playing together a lot in the water.

Continued in Part 2

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