Monday, June 02, 2008

Denim: Frisbee Fanatic

Denim has a new talent -- leaping.

This first showed up at Urban Dog, where the staff reported that she was jumping over 3-foot gates to be with them.

We already knew she was an escape artist, since she could get out of her pen -- but we figured she was just climbing, like Cobalt used to.

Escape from Alcatraz (by JnL)

We hadn't counted on her actually clearing such high barriers in one go!

Unfortunately, we don't have any pictures of her escape attempts. But we do have some of her newest passion -- catching frisbees (well, "floppy discs" in her case) on the fly.

We first noticed that she'd scrunch down and wriggle when people were getting ready to throw the discs, and she'd lunge at them as we threw them.

Concentration (by JnL)
Note the tongue

Reach (by JnL)

But it wasn't until a few throws later that she started getting serious about jumping.

Sproing! (by JnL)

Monster Lunge (by JnL)

Her jumps got more and more impressive with every throw.

Flying Catch (by JnL)

Though her catches didn't always match the drama of her attempts:

Timing's Off (by JnL)

Getting Better (by JnL)

She has now mastered the art of levitation:

Levitation (by JnL)

Flying Denim (by JnL)

And she's getting good at mid-air maneuvers:

Straight Up (by JnL)
Going up

Getting Better (by JnL)
Coming down

Note her shadow in front of Cobalt.

Of course, now we have to work on her actually bringing the thing back... Read more!