Thursday, May 31, 2007

Cobalt: Visiting Photon at Cherry Beach -- With Pictures!

As I mentioned before, we arranged to visit with Photon at Cherry Beach last Saturday so that we could bring out the big cameras. Up to now, we'd only met up with Photon's folks by chance, so we'd only had the small point-and-shoot with us.

We ended up shooting 655 photos (the DSLR does 9 shots a second in burst mode). We usually expect to post about 10% of our shots to Flickr, but this time, I ended up going with twice that. The set below is just a small selection of what's up on the Flickr pages!

L & I arrived a little early, so Cobalt got a head start on the zooming.

Puppy Play
Someone Cobalt's size, but younger

Get 'Im!
Someone Cobalt's size, but older

Sitting On The Sand
Cobalt loves the beach

After we'd been there about 15 minutes, Peter, Laura, and Jon arrived with Photon, who made a bee-line for Cobalt.

Target Acquisition

Cobalt's the bigger and stronger sister, but Photon's the one that usually starts all the trouble.


You Are Falling Under My Spell!
(Bela Lugosi voice) "You are falling under my spell! Wooooo!"

Then, the zooming starts.

Dead Heat


Full Speed

On The Beach

Watch Out, Lady!

Though they have to stop to catch their breath from time to time.


Stop Hogging The Water
"Stop hogging the water!"

Yeah, Right There, That's the Spot
"Yeah, right there, that's the spot!"

Exploring the Beach
Exploring the beach.

And what's a trip to the beach without beach-balls?

Got Get 'Em!


Got The Balls

Bringing 'Em Back

Then the wrestling starts...

I Vant To Suck Your Blood!
(Bela Lugosi voice) "I vant to suck your blood!"


Temporary Truce

Mutual Support

"What? Us? Rough-housing? We're good girls."

Of, course, not all the photos I got were of the two pups together. Here are some of Cobalt by herself.





Sandy Muzzle
She got covered in sand. You can't see it here, but she got sand all over her tongue as well.

I ended up taking a lot of solo photos of Photon as well. She got herself very wet, and really seemed to like the driftwood sticks.





Photon Up Close

A self-portrait in Photon's eye

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Cobalt: Back From the Doctor

Cobalt's home, but not exactly happy. Can't run, can't play, can't scratch, and she has to wear the lampshade when we can't spare 100% of our attention to her.

On the plus side, she tends to flop out and snooze when she's got that silly thing on her.

I've got some photos, but I want to get the Cobalt & Photon beach photos up first! Read more!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Cobalt: Under the Knife

It's Spay Day! Not only for Cobalt but, by coincidence, for her sister Photon as well. L's all fretting about how miserable the next couple of days will be for Cobalt in her radar-dish collar. Me, I'm more concerned by how squirrelly she's going to be after a couple of days of no daycare, no park runs, no nothing. Read more!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Cobalt: More From Laura and Allan's

I just realized that most of my posted shots of Cobalt from the visit to Laura and Allan's showed her being pretty passive and subdued. While Tala did have Cobalt a little reserved, she still had some fun:



In fact, she sometimes had a little trouble stopping:

Sudden Stop
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Cobalt: Visiting Photon at Cherry Beach

This past Saturday, we arranged to get together with Peter, Laura, and Jon at Cherry Beach so we could bring the big cameras to catch Cobalt & Photon in action.

I haven't got all my photos sorted out yet (I ended up taking 650, mostly action shots), but Peter got some of theirs up already -- including some video!

Photon spends most of these wrestling matches pinned on her back, but she's almost always the one who starts things! That's Cobalt making all the noise, though.

I'll have my photos -- well, a selected subset -- up on Flickr soon, with the best ones here. Read more!

Cobalt: Laura and Allan and Tala and Cody

For Victoria Day, we headed over to visit our friends Laura and Allan. Laura writes the We Move To Canada blog, while Allan writes The Joy Of Sox, and they have two dogs, Tala and Cody. The plan was to have a BBQ lunch, then take the three dogs down to Jack Darling Park for a romp.



Tala and Cody
The two pups

Part of the idea was to see how recently adopted Tala, a rescue Husky-German Shepherd cross, would react to a strange dog in her yard. In the end, it proved a little overwhelming for Cobalt. Tala was very protected of her yard and her people, and, while she never got nasty, her dominance games were more than Cobalt was used to.

Cody, Cobalt, Tala

Tala and Cobalt

This was the first time we'd ever seen Cobalt roll over and submit to any other dog! She wasn't happy about that at all.

Help Meeeee!

Cobalt spent most of the time avoiding Tala after that, though Tala still had a great time chasing her Kong.


I Got It! I Got It!

Cody, who's an older dog, was much more mellow.

I'll Comfy Here


The trip to Jack Darling didn't work out, though. All the parking was packed to the brim. So we returned to Laura and Allan's place, and let the pup's play. Cobalt didn't warm up to Tala much, but she still enjoyed herself.

Never Eat Anything Bigger Than Your Head

You Can't Have It


Relaxing on the Grass

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