Monday, May 28, 2007

Cycling: Longer Way Home

Friday, I wanted to take the long way home from work, but wanted to do something different this time. So I took a quick look at Google Earth and plotted a new path up to the Belt Line trail.

Most people know the Belt Line as the path that runs diagonally down from Eglinton & Allen to Mt. Pleasant Cemetery. Less well known is the western part of the trail, which runs from Allen west and curves down to Eglinton near Prospect Cemetery. This section isn't as long or as wooded, but it's a nice ride none-the-less. I use it as part of the Belt Line/Humber/Lakeshore route I did last week.

So I found a way from work, up through Trinity-Bellwoods Park and a couple of other, smaller parks to Prospect. The final route was just short of 26km, though it'll probably be a little shorter when I try it again without the dead ends and backtracking.

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