Thursday, May 24, 2007

Cycling: Routes

Now that I'm getting out on the new bike more regularly, I've also spent some time getting my GPS tracks in order -- at least this year's. It'll take ages to get them all sorted out.

Thanks to Google Earth, Google Pages, and Google Maps, I can put those tracks up here, as well. So if you're interested in bike routes through Toronto, I'll be posting the ones I like.

For starters, here are some that I've done with the new bike this year. The route names link to Google Maps views of the routes:

2007/05/11 "The Long Way Home" (20.8km/12.9mi)

This is the route I take home when I want to get some exercise in. It has some good climbs on the north-bound leg (though I rarely manage the one on gravel up to the south side of St. Clair -- I usually have to walk that), and a nice long relaxing downhill run through the Belt Line trail (Allen Rd. to Mt. Pleasant Cemetery). This variation takes me down Moore Park Ravine past the Brick Works instead of going through Rosedale.

2007/05/12 Don Valley / Edwards Gardens (27.2km/16.9mi)

A typical run up the Don Valley to the end of the trail and back. I'm not going to be carrying my new bike down the stairs at the Riverdale Park again, though! Too unwieldy. I can't wait for the bottom end of the Don Valley bike trail to reopen.

2007/05/13 Beaches / Taylor Creek / Don Valley (26.1km/16.2mi)

This is a pretty relaxing ride, with the exception of the climb from Queen St. to Kingston Rd. I had to walk the last half of that climb on this ride, maybe because I went up Silver Birch Ave. instead of Victoria Park Ave. like I usually do.

Once you get up to where Vic Park meets Taylor Creek, it's downhill almost all the way -- a very relaxing ride back.

2007/05/20 Belt Line / Humber Valley / Lakeshore (47.5km/29.5mi)

This route was inspired by parts of one I saw posted on Bikely, a nice resource for bike trails all over the place. I've done a similar path in the past, but I usually go down to the Humber Valley via Eglinton instead of cutting north as I did here. This path added a few kilometers and another park to the tour, which was nice. Not to mention avoiding Eglinton traffic!

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