Friday, May 11, 2007

Cobalt: Photon, This Time With Pictures!

Here is Cobalt's sister, Photon:




And here are the sisters together:



They get along great!


Photon and Cobalt

Hangin' Out

Of course, they love to wrestle:


Wrestling Match

And, once again, the wrestling match ended with Photon losing a baby tooth (the other canine) and Cobalt covered in blood! Cobalt's now taken out both of her sister's canines.

After The Battle

Vicious Figher, Round Two

Vicious Fighter, Round Two

Cobalt was sad to have to leave the park, but she'll be back soon! Let's hope she doesn't continue her dentistry practice on Photon's adult teeth!

After The Battle

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Pamela Cook said...

qI am so glad that the sisters have found each other once again it's good to see that!! Colbalt and Photon are very, very cute playing with each other and I am glad they live close by so they will see each other. Oh I must say I am Photon Aunt.