Monday, March 24, 2008

Dogs: Visiting Tala and Cody Again

Our friends L-Girl and Redsock, who had had us over to visit with Cobalt back on New Year's Day, had us over again for Good Friday. (They work weekends, and we work weekdays, so we can only really visit on statutory holidays.) This time, of course, we brought Denim as well, so she could enjoy their huge yard and their two dogs.

L-Girl's already posted an extensive write-up of the visit, so I'm not going to go into a lot of detail, but here are some photos:

Denim (by JnL)
Denim jumped right into the fun.

You're Not The Black One (by JnL)
Cobalt and Tala are, of course, good friends now. Denim was a little wary.

Closing In (by JnL)

I'm Gonna Getcha! (by JnL)
Tala and Cobalt got right into the chase games.

Playful Pups (by JnL)
All four together.

Puppy Worship (by JnL)
Cody, it turns out, loves little dogs, and spent the whole time following Denim around.

The Chase Is On (by JnL)
Cobalt would retrieve the ball, Tala and Denim would chase Cobalt, and Cody would chase Denim.

Puppy Worship (by JnL)
Denim just couldn't get away!

What Do YOU Want? (by JnL)
She found Cody's attention a little overwhelming at times.

Denim (by JnL)
Denim ended up a little mussed from Cody constantly slurping her head.

Puppy Worship (by JnL)
She tried retreating up onto a snow pile, but it wasn't tall enough to get away.

Nyah! (by JnL)

C'mon! Chase Me! (by JnL)
Meanwhile, Tala was fixated on Cobalt.

Chase (by JnL)

Chase (by JnL)

Eventually, Denim discovered that she could fit between the slats in the fence, and visited the neighbour's yard. Fortunately, her recall is good, and she returned on command -- but moments later, Cobalt went through, then Denim again, and we decided to move indoors where we wouldn't lose track of the dogs. Read more!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Books: The Surreal Art of Robert Vanderhorst

This spring, painter Robert Vanderhorst will be publishing a comprehensive collection of his surreal paintings in The Paintings of Robert Willem Vanderhorst. The book will feature twenty-six of Vanderhorst's oil paintings, as well as an introduction and an original short story by Night of the Living Dead directory George A. Romero. Romero's story was inspired by the Vanderhorst painting The Yacht Club, and will also be published in three installments on Vanderhorst's website,, over the next few weeks. The announcement of the final publication date for The Paintings of Robert Willem Vanderhorst will also be announced at

The Yacht Club
Robert Vanderhorst's The Yacht Club

George A. Romero and Robert Vanderhorst
George A. Romero (left) and Robert W. Vanderhorst (right)

Robert Willem Vanderhorst is a self-taught artist with a talent inherited from his father and a technique born of a strong Dutch tradition in art. Emigrating from Holland to Canada in 1951, he now lives in Toronto, Canada. In 1979, he began publishing limited editions of his images under Vanderhorst Graphics. In 1973, he held his first solo exhibition. Over the next three and a half decades, Vanderhorst's imagery has been used in many diverse ways, including in music videos, television programs, live stage productions and record jacket designs, as well as illustrations in psychology journals and aviation book covers. His paintings have been featured in almost thirty exhibitions, culminating in two major retrospectives at the St. Lawrence Hall, Toronto in 2004 and 2005. Vanderhorst's work has also been featured and explored in two DVDs titled View from the Gallery 1 and View from the Gallery 2.

George A. Romero, the celebrated directory of Night of the Living Dead and its sequels, met Robert Vanderhorst at the 2005 retrospective in Toronto while filming Land of the Dead. Impressed with Vanderhorst's talent and fascinating imagery, he struck up a friendship with the painter that has led to his contribution of not only an introduction, but an original short story, to The Paintings of Robert Willem Vanderhorst.

Check out Robert's site at to see his paintings and keep up with news about the book. Read more!

Denim: In The Snow

Some snow pictures!

In The Snow (by JnL)

Explorer (by JnL)

Zip (by JnL)

Leap (by JnL)

Yar! (by JnL)
The wrestling game continues outside

Impending Ambush (by JnL)

Pounce (by JnL)

Cobalt is much rougher with Denim when they play outside than when they're inside. We're not sure why, but Denim often ends up completely snow-covered.

Snow Chase (by JnL)

Pinned (by JnL)

Gotcha (by JnL)

Aussies Aren't Supposed To Be White (by JnL)

Aussies Aren't Supposed To Be White (by JnL)

Snow Pup (by JnL)
But Denim doesn't seem to mind!
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Denim: Yet More Photos

I've posted a lot of Denim photos to Flickr since the last set here. I'm only going to put a few of them up here, and in the next couple of posts, but be sure to check them out in the Denim and Cobalt & Denim sets on Flickr.

Can I Have A Hug? (by JnL)
Looking a little forlorn

Chewy (by JnL)
Up close

Ear Chomp (by JnL)
Ear chomp

Nose to Nose (by JnL)
Nose to nose

Mouth Wrestling (by JnL)

Who's That? (by JnL)
Cobalt & Denim notice L coming down the stairs

Up Close (by JnL)
Even closer

I Want Out! (by JnL)
Planning her escape

Watching (by JnL)
Kilroy Was Here
Tired Puppy (by JnL)
Tired pup

Wiped (by JnL)
Very tired pup

Sleepyface (by JnL)
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Cobalt: Old Photos

Here are a couple of old Cobalt photos that I only just got up on Flickr:

Sail Pup (by JnL)
Cobalt at the beach

Exhausted (by JnL)

Cobalt after a busy day
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