Friday, February 01, 2008

Cobalt: Tala and Cody

Our friends L-Girl and Redsock, immigrants to Mississauga from Manhattan, are also dog people -- moreso than us, actually, as they've had dogs for ages.

Their current two are Cody, the elder, and Tala, whom they adopted just over a year ago.

Cody (by JnL)

Tala and Her Toy (by JnL)

Last May we brought Cobalt over to introduce her to Cody and Tala, but it didn't work out that well. Tala's a bit of a bully around smaller dogs, and harassed Cobalt all around the yard. Cobalt found her far too overwhelming.

Cody, Cobalt, Tala (by JnL)

Help Meeeee!

We visited again in June, and things started a little better -- Tala was better behaved (L-Girl and Redsock had been working on training), but still a little aggressive. Eventually, Cobalt decided she'd had enough!

Yar! (by JnL)
A scolding

Whap! (by JnL)
A lecturing

You Listen To Me! (by JnL)
And a firm cussing out

Up And Over (by JnL)
Cobalt shows Tala who's boss

On New Year's Day, we got together once again. Cobalt was a little cautious at first, but soon was all smiles and playing with Tala as if she didn't realize she was 1/4 the bigger dog's size.

Inspecting The Guest (by JnL)
A little uncertain

Inspection (by JnL)
I remember you...

Gotcha! (by JnL)

Pounce (by JnL)
Timid? Cobalt?

Lunge (by JnL)

After a while, we moved indoors. This was the first time Tala had had another dog besides Cody sharing her house, and it went quite well.

Nyeah! (by JnL)
Actually, Cobalt's just giving Tala a kiss on the nose here

Wrestling Pups (by JnL)
The wrestling was a little more intrusive in the kitchen

Nuzzle (by JnL)
They're great friends now

^.^ (by JnL)
We think Cobalt's the happiest dog in the world

Grin (by JnL)
...inside or outside

Worn Out (by JnL)
Within five minutes of leaving, Cobalt was completely out of it

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dogsled_stacie said...

Great pics!!! They are all so freakin' cute. Good to hear they are finally getting along.