Monday, January 28, 2008

Denim: The New Pup

Last month, I posted about the new puppy we were planning on adopting.

This past weekend we went up and visited Stoverly Aussies to meet Denim for the first time. She's six weeks old now, three weeks younger than Cobalt was when we met her.

That's Sue Stoverly, the breeder, in the back


She's a blue, like Cobalt, but with a very different pattern. She has much less white, more reminiscent of Cobalt's sister, Photon.

Cobalt had spent that morning at Cherry Beach, romping with a Shiloh Shepherd, a Great Dane, a Mastiff, and a Bull Terrier. But when we got to Stoverly, all of a sudden she found the six guinea-pig-sized fluffballs very intimidating. Denim tried to get her to play, but had little luck:

The Chase is On

Note the subtly exposed fang


Denim wasn't quite as energetic as her siblings, but she was a very methodical explorer.


What's This?


All that exploring tired her out eventually...

Keeping Watch


One Eye Open
Keeping one eye open, looking for mischief to get into

Paws Up

Paws Up


Once she started slowing down, Cobalt got a little curious.




Double Flop

It shouldn't take Cobalt long to get used to having this new creature around.



L-girl said...

I. Am. Melting.

Great photos, really enjoyed them. It will be so interesting for you and L to watch their relationship develop. They are so entertaining!

James said...

I. Am. Melting.

Yeah, she's a real cutie, and is already showing the signs of a mischievous personality. We pick her up in two weeks -- it's gonna be interesting!

redsock said...

The shot of Cobalt in the 4th picture from the end is fantastic.