Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cobalt: Happy Birthday Photon, Also

And happy birthday to Cobalt's litter-mate Photon, from Chez PLJ:


And thanks to Laura from Chez PLJ for sending the pre-adoption Cobalt pictures. Read more!

Cobalt: Happy Birthday

Three years ago today, Cobalt looked like this:

Newborn Cobalt

A week later, she still looked like a guinea pig:

Cobalt at One Week

After four weeks -- almost Christmas -- she started looking more like an actual dog:

Cobalt at Four Weeks

At six weeks, it was New Years, and she really started to look like our pup:

We picked her up from Stoverly Aussies on February 11th, when she looked like this:

At Stoverly

And now, she's all grown up:

Cobalt & Denim

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