Thursday, August 30, 2007

Cobalt: Aussies On The Beach

Since the dogs wanted into the water and the shore near the labyrinth was covered with huge boulders, we moved down to the beach area at the west end of the off-leash park.

Look! Geese!
Photon was the first to get wet

Semaphore Ears
She could direct shipping with those semaphore ears!

Jazz had a good swim, but didn't go back in much

Throw It Already
Lots of excitement over Cobalt's fetch toy

The waves caught Bean by surprise

Three sisters in the water. Photon wanted at Cobalt's toy!

Oh yeah, she definitely wants that toy.

I Want!
She tried and tried, but Cobalt's become
quite protective of her toys, and kept hold

Charli was a pretty quiet pup, but
even she got into the fetch game

I think this is Jazz, but it might be Bean

A Visitor
This fluffy fellow joined in the fun,
and was eventually named an honourary Aussie.
He's quite young, but bigger by far than
any of the Aussies.

It's Out Here Somewhere
One of Charli's people ended up throwing a stick
pretty far out. Charli made a valiant attmept, but
just could not find it.

That takes us to the end of the photos I've uploaded at this point. Tonight, I'll be putting the rest up, and I'll have one more post.

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