Monday, August 13, 2007

Cobalt: Soggy Doggy Day 2

Sunday morning, we went back out to Cherry Beach. We wondered if Cobalt would still be keen on the water, or if we'd need to coax her out again, to jump-start her.


We hadn't needed to worry.

In fact, within ten minutes, we had her swimming for the first time since her koi pond mishap.


She couldn't get enough of the water. She must have brought that toy back dozens of times.

Soggy Doggy

Here You Go

She was extremely pleased with herself.


Eventually she started to tire out, and we took her for a lap of the beach and back to the car.

At this point, we decided I needed some waterproof shoes. I have "convertible" pants (the legs zip off above the knees to make them into shorts), but no sandals or anything. So we ran a short shopping expedition so I could go into the water next time, and let L take the photos.

That evening, we were back at Cherry Beach, and she was back in the water. This time, I was the one in with her, and L was on shore with the telephoto lens.



Coming Back

And, occasionally, out of the water.

Spikey Pup


We took her deeper into the lake than she'd been before, but she did very well. She sometimes had trouble spotting the toy in the waves (which were much larger than they'd been that morning or the evening before), but she usually found it.


Periscope Pup

Sometimes it was a long swim back.

Long Swim Home

But she really enjoyed the water.

Running in the Waves

Soggy Doggy

And, as before, she was extremely pleased with herself.

Pleased as Punch

So we'll be back, during the week and on the weekends.

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Jim said...

Cobalt is a total cutey.