Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Cobalt: Visit to Stoverly

I'm way behind on getting my photos up on Flickr, but I'm even more behind on getting posts up here. So, here's some catch-up.

Last month we drove up to Stoverly Aussies to visit with Cobalt. The drive up was a bit of an adventure: two cars had decided to drag-race down the southbound 400 and wiped out around the Hwy 89 exit, sending 11 people to hospital (no fatalities, fortunately!). The southbound highway was completely closed, and the northbound was backed up all the way to the Holland River. It took us half an hour to cover the 18km from the Holland River valley to Hwy 89 instead of the usual nine or ten minutes.

They were pulling up the roadblock at Hwy 89 just as we drove passed.

We're Going To Be Late
Hitting the backup

Traffic As Far As The Eye Can See
Not a great shot, but you can see the empty southbound lanes and the packed northbound

Opening The Southbound Lanes
Opening the southbound lanes

The roadblock at Hwy 89

Southbound Traffic North Of The Roadblock
The southbound traffic backed up behind the roadblock

We finally did get to Stoverly, just as another family was leaving -- they, unfortunately, needed to head down that southbound 400. We were hoping that most of the backlog would be clear by the time they got there.

We'd gone up in part to see the two new litters -- 18 puppies in all. They also had a third litter on the way. (it arrived a few days later, bringing the total to 30 pups!) This wasn't the plan -- one of the males had got in where he wasn't supposed to.

Puppy Bin
The puppy bin, with Cobalt investigating

Cobalt, it turns out, doesn't like puppies! She found the whole concept rather alarming.

Pudge Pup
Who could be scared of this pudgy little guy?

Get That Thing Away From Me
Cobalt would've happily bolted if we hadn't been holding her.

It was very strange. These guys aren't threatening at all!

A tiny red merle

Ummm... What Is It?
Cobalt's very suspicious of this strange creature

Still, it was a nice visit in spite of Cobalt's wariness.

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