Saturday, February 16, 2008

Denim: More Playing With Cobalt

UPDATE: Corrected the images, so they're back!

There are now two main games: the keep-away game and the wrestling game. In the wrestling game, Denim tries to see how high she can climb on Cobalt. Cobalt usually ends up on her back.

Peek (by JnL)

Wrestling (by JnL)

Pinned (by JnL)

Pounce (by JnL)

Two Pups (by JnL)

The two of them will play the keep-away game with any toy, or even with rawhide chews.

Sharing (by JnL)

Sharing (by JnL)

Gotcha (by JnL)

Nom (by JnL)
Sometimes Denim wins

And here are some solo shots:

Miss Mischief (by JnL)
This one shows off the blue highlight in her right eye.

Contemplative (by JnL)

Pause (by JnL)

Exhausted (by JnL)


L-girl said...

I've had "James pup photos" on my to-do list for a week now... and finally got around to some serious browsing.

What can I say??? Other than OMG THAT PUPPY IS SO CUTE!!

I'm loving these pics. I can't wait to meet the Denim! (Although you know I can't vouch for how Tala will react.)

James said...

She's a delightful little creature, and Cobalt's an amazing big sister. Can't wait to introduce her to you folks -- I think Denim may even be able to handle Tala.