Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Denim: In The Snow

Some snow pictures!

In The Snow (by JnL)

Explorer (by JnL)

Zip (by JnL)

Leap (by JnL)

Yar! (by JnL)
The wrestling game continues outside

Impending Ambush (by JnL)

Pounce (by JnL)

Cobalt is much rougher with Denim when they play outside than when they're inside. We're not sure why, but Denim often ends up completely snow-covered.

Snow Chase (by JnL)

Pinned (by JnL)

Gotcha (by JnL)

Aussies Aren't Supposed To Be White (by JnL)

Aussies Aren't Supposed To Be White (by JnL)

Snow Pup (by JnL)
But Denim doesn't seem to mind!


Amy said...

That puppy is just unbelievably cute. And the big one is gorgeous!

James said...

Cobalt was just as cute when she was little; we're looking forward to Denim being as gorgeous as Cobalt is now!

Sue said...

Wow! What awesome pix!!! They're both so beautiful!