Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Denim: Yet More Photos

I've posted a lot of Denim photos to Flickr since the last set here. I'm only going to put a few of them up here, and in the next couple of posts, but be sure to check them out in the Denim and Cobalt & Denim sets on Flickr.

Can I Have A Hug? (by JnL)
Looking a little forlorn

Chewy (by JnL)
Up close

Ear Chomp (by JnL)
Ear chomp

Nose to Nose (by JnL)
Nose to nose

Mouth Wrestling (by JnL)

Who's That? (by JnL)
Cobalt & Denim notice L coming down the stairs

Up Close (by JnL)
Even closer

I Want Out! (by JnL)
Planning her escape

Watching (by JnL)
Kilroy Was Here
Tired Puppy (by JnL)
Tired pup

Wiped (by JnL)
Very tired pup

Sleepyface (by JnL)

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