Monday, May 28, 2007

Cobalt: Laura and Allan and Tala and Cody

For Victoria Day, we headed over to visit our friends Laura and Allan. Laura writes the We Move To Canada blog, while Allan writes The Joy Of Sox, and they have two dogs, Tala and Cody. The plan was to have a BBQ lunch, then take the three dogs down to Jack Darling Park for a romp.



Tala and Cody
The two pups

Part of the idea was to see how recently adopted Tala, a rescue Husky-German Shepherd cross, would react to a strange dog in her yard. In the end, it proved a little overwhelming for Cobalt. Tala was very protected of her yard and her people, and, while she never got nasty, her dominance games were more than Cobalt was used to.

Cody, Cobalt, Tala

Tala and Cobalt

This was the first time we'd ever seen Cobalt roll over and submit to any other dog! She wasn't happy about that at all.

Help Meeeee!

Cobalt spent most of the time avoiding Tala after that, though Tala still had a great time chasing her Kong.


I Got It! I Got It!

Cody, who's an older dog, was much more mellow.

I'll Comfy Here


The trip to Jack Darling didn't work out, though. All the parking was packed to the brim. So we returned to Laura and Allan's place, and let the pup's play. Cobalt didn't warm up to Tala much, but she still enjoyed herself.

Never Eat Anything Bigger Than Your Head

You Can't Have It


Relaxing on the Grass


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