Friday, October 28, 2005

Music: Friday Random Ten

Another run through to see what happens...

  1. All Of Us - Devo - Hardcore Devo 1974-1977
    I love Devo, but I'm not too fond of the Hardcore Devo collections. They collect live recordings that predate the band's first album, and the sound quality isn't great. A few of the songs which later showed up on albums are there, but mostly the songs just aren't that interesting yet.
  2. Bob - Primus - Pork Soda
    A nice bouncy, creepy little tune.
  3. Wanda Does Her Act - The Residents - Freak Show - 13th Anniversary Edition
    Freak Show was an interesting Residents album -- they made a comic book of it (with some big name artists), a CD-ROM game, a live show that ran several months in Prague, etc. This is a quick instrumental track from the live show.
  4. China Girl - A cover of the David Bowie song - Goth Oddity - A Tribute to David Bowie
    I enjoy covers of songs, so I grabbed this album from eMusic at one point. This isn't a particularly interesting cover, though. I didn't keep track of who's covering the song, either.
  5. Skat Radio - Terry S. Taylor - Neverhood Songs
    The Neverhood is a rather unusual computer game. The entire thing was animated in clay stop-motion instead of having computers do the work. It was a fun puzzle-adventure type game, and had a wonderfully nonsensical soundtrack.
  6. Minimum Wage - They Might Be Giants - Flood
    A very short (47 seconds) instrumental.
  7. Suburban Bathers - The Residents - The Commercial Album
    The Commercial Album is a disconcerting album, made up of forty one-minute-long songs. Putting it on as background music at a social gathering is pretty much guaranteed to confuse your guests.
  8. Small Voice (for speaker-in-mouth) - Laurie Anderson - United States Live
    One of Anderson's cute gimick-songs: she plays a recording of a short violin song through a pillow speaker (a small speaker meant to go under your pillow as you sleep to play soothing music), which she puts in her mouth. As she opens and closes her mouth, she changes the sound, with an effect like muting and unmuting a trumpet.
  9. In The Beginning - The Residents - Wormwood Live
    The Residents' Wormwood was a collection of songs about some of the more bizarre stories from the Bible, which they turned into a successful live tour.
  10. A Far Cry - Kanno Yoko - Escaflowne 2
    From the soundtrack to the anime series The Vision of Escaflowne (watch the DVDs, not the butchered US TV version!). Kanno's can write in just about any musical style, which makes for some enjoyable background listening.

Still heavy on the Residents. I've got to start getting some more non-Residents stuff onto the 'Pod.

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