Sunday, October 16, 2005

Movie (Animated): Wallace & Grommit -- Going to the Theatre

We really enjoyed Wallace and Grommit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, as I described in the previous post, but I did not enjoy the whole theatre-going experience that surrounded it. It was a very good reminder of just why we have 600-odd DVDs in the basement! If you don't mind, I'm going to rant a bit about it.

We left for the film about 30 minutes early -- 10 minutes to get there, 10 minutes to get tickets & popcorn, and 10 minutes to spare. It usually works.

We got the car parked an hour and a half later. The Toronto Marathon was in town, and it was between us an the theatre! We had to go back past our house, around the north edge of downtown (along with everyone else), and down the other side to get there. By which time, of course, the film was almost done -- we had decided, once we realized how bad things were, to catch the next showing.

So, a nice dinner at a Korean restaurant nearby and a stop at the bookstore, then off to the threatre with 20 minutes to go.

First problem: a gaggle of schoolgirls whose keepers were lining them up for counting across the base of the escalators! It was impossible to get past them until someone clued in and shuffled them off elsewhere.

Second problem: I got in line at the snack counter with 15 minutes to go. Unfortunately, all 15 minutes were taken up by the people in front of me -- so no snacks.

Third problem: The gaggle of schoolgirls ended up surrounding us in the theatre, constantly asking questions or reading on-screen text out loud.


Thanks for letting me vent. In any case, I'm thankful again for the setup in the basement. Sure, the screen isn't quite as big, but the parking is easier and the crowd is quieter!

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