Monday, February 19, 2007

Cobalt: Mattie

This Sunday, we were having family over to meet the new pup. My mother was coming up from London to see the COC production of Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk, and was going to come by for dinner after, where we'd be joined by my siblings.

On Saturday, though, she called and said her dogsitter had cancelled out on her, and could we watch Mattie, her Coton De Tulear, while she was at the opera?


We figured this would be a great opportunity to socialize Cobalt with another dog her size -- and if they didn't get along, we could always put Mattie in the pen. for the duration.

Well, they got along. As soon as Mattie was in the door, the two of them were racing around the living room at top speed. Mattie looks like a little sheep, and Cobalt was keen on herding her. It was a good half-hour before they calmed down at all.

After my mother left, we took the two outside, and they were even more hyper than they had been in the living room -- round and round the yard, chasing each other non-stop. In all they had three outside sessions like that, and were exhausted by the time my mother got back. We shot about 500 photos (burst mode is very useful when photographing hyper puppies!), and we'll have some choice ones posted soon!

Cobalt, of course, was a total hit with the family.

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