Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Cobalt: Cobalt & Mattie In The Snow

More photos from Sunday. There's one more set after this one, but taking care of Cobalt after work takes up a lot of prime photo-prepping time.

Square In The Air
Mattie doesn't usually get this animated.

Chasing a Seal
Mattie looks like a seal. Where are her legs?

The two of them burned off a lot of energy.

Sheep Corners Shepherd
Normally, the shepherd's supposed to corner the sheep.
Cobalt hasn't got up to that page in the manual, I guess.


L-girl said...

Great photos! There's nothing like having another dog around to help tire them out. You'll want to make good use of a leash-free park when Cobalt's old enough.

Meanwhile, put her on a schedule and stick to it! Once she learns you'll take her out every time she whines...

James said...

We've moved to doing the schedule thing, though it's difficult. This morning she fussed and whined starting about an hour before our scheduled time to take her out, and didn't stop for more than 30 seconds the whole time (I made the mistake of sitting up in bed to fluff my pillows, and she took that as imminent release).

I'm going to put up some comments about off-leashes in my next post.