Monday, April 16, 2007

Cobalt: Soggy Doggy

Last night we were over visting our friends Robert & Allison Vanderhorst (to help with a computer problem) and we brought Cobalt along to show off.

The Vanderhorsts have a large, landscaped yard, which is great for Cobalt to run in. Robert got us a tennis ball for her to chase, and she had a great time.

One of my throws of the ball landed in a conifer bush of some sort, and Cobalt had a little trouble -- she zoomed after it at full speed, as she usually does, but when she got close she couldn't slow down in time, so she leapt over the bush.

Unfortunately, the bush was part of the landscaping around the garden pond.


The pond's three feet deep. Cobalt's just over one feet deep.

The good news is, she figured out how to swim. That, and she's drip-dry.

She hauled herself out of the pond in seconds, and was back to playing as if nothing happened. But the rest of us were laughing to hard to throw the balls.

By the time we left, she was almost entirely dry again. Fortunately, we have towels down in the car.

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