Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Cobalt: An Exhausting Week, Part 1

Tired Pup

We took this past week off to spend with Cobalt. We worked on her training and took her to lots of dog parks, and wore her out completely! The photos above is how she looked after her first experience with doggy daycare on Friday (more on that below).

We've decided to visit all of Toronto's off-leash parks. We don't let Cobalt off-leash in open parks yet -- her recall isn't good enough, and we don't want her running off into traffic -- but she loves romping in the off-leashes on her flexi-leash.

We'd already been to Alan Gardens, since it's right near us. We actually prefer to take Cobalt to Moss Park. It's not on the official list of off-leash parks, but it's got a much larger grassy area for the dogs, and is farther from the road than the Alan Gardens off-leash. It also has a fenced-in tennis court, which we've been using for training Cobalt to come when called.



Flappy Ears

The other place we let her actually go off-leash is the Dogpark at the Brick Works, off Bayview Ave. The Dogpark is a completely fenced in triangle next to the Brick Works parking lot. Unfortunately, it's been rather muddy lately, but Cobalt seems to love the place.

For the first weekend of our week off, we took Cobalt down to Clark Beach, better known as Cherry Beach. I'd never realized that the beach extended west from Cherry Street -- in fact, the entire area to the west, from Cherry to the canal, is an off-leash area, the biggest we've been to so far.

We met a lot of dogs down there, including another 4½-month-old mini Aussie named Parker. Parker was a red tri-colour, slightly larger than Cobalt. When we mentioned that Cobalt had come from Stoverly Aussies to Parker's owner, he immediately recognized her as Max's offspring.

Cherry Beach was so exciting, Cobalt zonked out as soon as we got home.


It was a busy week, so I'm going to break it up into multiple posts... More to come!

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