Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Photography: Trilliums

In addition to GPS-based geocaching, we do letterboxing, a much older version of the same sort of game. Back in May we found a series of letterboxes called the Narnia series (each box had a stamp based on the four Pevensie children and a clue leading to a final, fifth box), with all of the boxes hidden in provincial conservation areas north of Toronto. On stop was the Triffin Conservation Area, which had more trilliums than I'd ever seen at one time before.



I'm used to seeing trilliums in patches that are maybe five meters across, but here, they stretched as far as you could see. Mostly the traditional white ones:


Though a few of those were a little more dramatic than the average:


There were also a lot of the rarer pink trilliums:

Pink Trillium

And the occasional, very dramatic, red ones:

Red Trillium

It was a couple of shots of these that I used for the stereo trilliums image in the last post.

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