Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Photography: More Stuff

More photography catching-up...

Grange Park

While I worked at Points, my office looked out over Grange Park. So, naturally, I ended up taking a lot of photos there. The old tower of St. George the Martyr Anglican Church was a favourite.


Here's the view from my office. The tower of St. George the Martyr is nicely ivy-covered, which makes for great colours -- green in the spring, red in the fall, and all nicely dead and cemetery-ish in the winter. You can also see University College about 1300m away in the back.


The wildlife likes the place too, though their easier to see in the larger version of the photo.


While photographing the tower I noticed this behind it. Several hundred people heading off somewhere, barely showing up in my viewfinder.

Going Somewhere?

Random Stuff

For Christmas I got Lori a ring flash, so we spent a lot of the family get-together photographing random things around the house.

Stained Glass Lamp
It's a Fisher Price World

Another "happen to have the camera while walking home late at night" shot. The hosta happened to be in the beam of a spotlight in front of the Grand Hotel on Jarvis St.

Hosta At Night

A commenter on Flickr had trouble recognizing this one. Doesn't everyone have a leather elephant?


"Fluffernutter" is our nickname for him. Because he's fluffy, and nuts.


Geocaching in Paris

The Paris & Brantford area is really good for geocaching -- lots of caches and lots of river trails to hike. We were out there in May and did a couple of caches.

The Wheeler Needle Works -- and old church -- would be much better to photograph if it weren't cramped up between other buildings and didn't have this annoying power cable running right across the front. The only way I could get the whole facade in was to make a mosaic (using Autostitch).

Wheeler Needle Works
Wheeler Needle Works

On the path we met this moth. He cooperated for a bit.


That's as far as I've gotten caught up in my uploads. More to come over the next few days. Feel free to leave comments, eh? Either here or on Flickr.

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