Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Photos: Swallows

SwallowPhotographing swallows isn't easy. You rarely see them sitting still -- they're usually zipping around eating bugs. But on a recent walk, Lori (my wife) and I came across a very cooperative fellow who let us get within a couple of meters of him.

Hey!We were walking around Hydro Marsh in Pickering, near the nuclear power plant, when we came across him sitting on a fence rail. He was rather talkative, and would occasionally dart off to fly around a bit, but always came back to the rail to pose.

Lift Off!Lori caught this great shot of him taking off. After this, he didn't bother coming back, but flew off over the marsh, where we caught a glimpse of a blue heron leaving.

Lift Off! (Crop)If you look closely at the take-off shot, you can see that his feathers are a little damp.

Afterwards, wandering through the park north of the power plant, Lori caught these photos of other swallows flying over the grass.



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