Friday, December 14, 2007

Cobalt: Another Birthday

Shortly after we got Cobalt and introduced her to my mother's dog, Mattie, we decided that we'd need a second Aussie -- but not until Cobalt was at least a year old.

A few months ago, we put a deposit down on a Stoverly Aussies litter that was to be due in early December. The breeding got delayed, though, and the final due date was December 18th.

The litter apparently liked the original schedule better, and arrived today!

Our original hope was that there'd be a red merle (coloured like Cobalt, but primarily red instead of black & grey) who we could name "Copper" to go with "Cobalt". There aren't any red merles in the litter, but L's already decided she really likes this blue:

We've put a reserve on him, and L's already decided he's going to be called "Denim".

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