Monday, March 05, 2007

Cobalt: High Park and New Friends

Cobalt loves other dogs. All sizes: chihuahuas to great danes (and she's met both already). She'll bounce and chase and try to herd them.

Saturday we took her to High Park, which was fun but rather wet. On the sidewalks we couldn't move for more than a couple of minutes before having what we're calling "the Cobalt conversation":

Them: Ooooh how cute! He's adorable! How old is he?
Us: She's 15 weeks.
Them: What unusual colours! What breed is she?
Us: She's a miniature Australian Shepherd.
Them: She's adorable! What's her name?
Us: Cobalt.
Them: Isn't she cute!

In High Park we encountered a playful collie named Snickers and her owner (we never seem to get the owners names) who was as keen to play as Cobalt was. We had the camera, so we managed to get some shots, though not 'til after they'd jumped around a fair bit.


Cobalt & Snickers
Cobalt's always curious about new dogs

She's a little rambunctious at times

Cobalt and Snickers
But Snickers didn't seem to mind

Snickers' owner gets the Tongue of Doom treatment

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L-girl said...

Beautiful collie - great shots.

And btw, no one ever gets the owners names. In 20 years of taking dogs to parks, I have probably learned one name, at most. Owners are usually identified as "Gypsy's daddy", "Beau's mommy", "Cobalt's daddy", etc.